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Error loading QM
Warning: network features failed to initialize. Error 10048 in bind(): Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.

This just started out of nowhere. Any idea what it could mean?

I do allow other computers to run macros on the computer through a port in the Options dialog.

Probably some other program uses the port. Try to change port in QM Options.
Another program I didn't install (thank you other people who screw with things on my network) hijacked the QM port.

Couldn't get the net functions to work when I changed the QM port from 8177

Took care of the trouble with the port and left QM port number default and all is well.

Still begs the question, how to change the port number in QM and still let the net functions run over the network? Is it as simple as changing the port and then recompiling the exe that contains the net commands?

net "computer:port" ...
Thanks. I thought that would be (I mean it crossed my mind), but I didn't see any documentation of that use like that. Perhaps add to documentation next release Wink


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