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QM internal capturing (option: QM stay open in capture mode)
Is it possible to have a checkbox in the 'mouse' click dialogbox that gives the user the option to leave the main QM editor open so that the user can easily program his/her own add-ons regarding QM.

To clarify:
When I click the mouse icon in the top right toolbar the mouse click dialogbox opens (Window, Control, Screen, Drag...etc...) the QM editor screen dissapears so that the user can capture the Windows/Windows-application object. But maybe with the checkbox-option the user could automate or add 'missing' options on his own more easily if the QM editor stays open for captioning specific QM objects.
Probably will add it.
Now you can:
1. Right click the Drag tool, select 'Capture when Shift pressed', restore QM window, then can capture a mouse point with Shift.
2. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W.
3. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R.
That is good to know!

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