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'Tag' system, back to old method (if others also want)
Sorry for this feature "rollback" request.

The current way of creating tags:

create tag
1) ALT+F7 (or icon above)
2) screen 'empty' except for the menu items above 'edit' / 'help'
3) select 'edit' >> 'add new tag'
4) selected tag empty but in edit mode, type something for example "test"
5) Item is created "test" and checked, right pane still empty (not always happend a few times)

add macro
1) Selecting OTHER macro, for example 'Macro3' => UN-checks the newly created "test" -tag
2) Must CHECK the newly created tag "test" (while 'Macro' 3 is selected), then 'Macro 3' get's added in right-pane of Tag-window.

Old way:
1) create folder
2) drag macro to 'tag group'

The old way felt more quicker and intuitive. It also felt a bit more easily reachable because the icon was next to the output window.

It doesn't have to be a complete rollback, keep the back-end like it is.
But with the behaviour of the old way:
1) create folder (also replace the checkbox with folder icon)
2) drag macro

With the option to have the icon next to output window. This should only be done if you agree with this and if others also found the old method easier/better. If other users find the new method ok then I guess it should be left as is.
It is definitely not my intention to undo the hard work you have put enhance/evolve QM. But I found myself not using the new tag-system because it just doesn't feel right, but maybe I am wrong.
Thank you.

I'll only make these changes:
Don't allow to be "right pane still empty". Now it is because after editing tag name you click in the empty area, and it makes "no tag selected". Now need Enter.
Add some info at the bottom. Now probably need to read Help to understand how it works.

I think now attaching an existing or new tag to current macro is faster. Now need to check instead of drag-drop. And when you create new tag (as much work as previously creating new bookmark folder), it assigns the tag to current macro, don't need to drag drop.
This may be useful.

Function QmTagMacros
Copy      Help
function $tag $qmItems [flags] ;;flags: 1 untag

;Adds tag to multiple QM items (macros etc), or removes.

;tag - tag name. The tag can exist or not.
;qmItems - multiline list of QM item names or paths.

;May fail if currently there are no tags. Error "no such table: xTags". Then at first add a tag in the Tags dialog.
;Does not update the Tags dialog if it is open.

;str s=
;QmTagMacros "auto-tag" s
;QmTagMacros "auto-tag" "Function273" 1 ;;untag single macro

Sqlite& x=_qmfile.SqliteBegin
lpstr sql
if(flags&1) sql="DELETE FROM xTags WHERE guid=? AND tag=?"
else sql="INSERT INTO xTags(guid,tag) SELECT ?1,?2 WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM xTags WHERE guid=?1 AND tag=?2)"
SqliteStatement p.Prepare(x sql)
p.BindText(2 tag)
str s; GUID g
foreach s qmItems
,_qmfile.SqliteItemProp(s 0 g); err end F"QM item not found: {s}" 8; continue
,p.BindBlob(1 &g sizeof(g))
,p.Exec; p.Reset

err+ end F"failed: {_error.description}" 8
thank you for this!!!

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