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Debug Features Wish List
I gotta tell ya I really love this program but in using it I find that there is a couple of things I would love to see in the debug features.

1) Whenever a variable's value is changed in the list, the focus of the list goes to that variable. Would make is so much easier to spot when a bad value is assigned instead of having to scroll thru a list of many variables to find the one that changed.

2) The ability to change a variable's value while running in debug mode. For example, You have a integer variable named V... while you're stepping thru the code you notice its value isn't what it should be. So you are able to change it before it is passed on to the macro and continue stepping thru.

3) The ability to pause and continue a macro while running. Sure you can break the current running macro and it stops but if you have a long macro that takes awhile to run it would be nice to be able to pause it for a moment, take control of the cursor etc to fix what messed up and then resume the macro without having to restart it from the beginning.

4) Ability to remove all mouse movement commands yet keep all the Clicks and SHIFT-Clicks. Would be nice to be able to do that without having to go all thru your code and remove them by hand only to discover that you took one out that you shouldn't have and it broke your entire macro.

That's all I can think of for now but I would hope they would be useful for others. Again, I truly do love this program and will continue to support it and the community in the future.
Thank you.

1) will be in QM
3) should be in some future QM version.

2) difficult to implement, I think is not very useful, for example I never use it in Visual Studio debugger.

4) in most cases it's better to record without mouse movements. But if recorded, it's easy to disable these lines (right-click the selection bar), and later delete if really don't need.
Menu Edit+
Trigger @11     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
Disable mou ''...'' lines :_s.getmacro; if(_s.replacerx("(?m)^mou ''.+[]" " $0")) _s.setmacro
Enable mou ''...'' lines :_s.getmacro; if(_s.replacerx("(?m)^ (mou ''.+[])" "$1")) _s.setmacro
Delete disabled mou ''...'' lines :_s.getmacro; if(_s.replacerx("(?m)^ mou ''.+[]")) _s.setmacro
Delete all mou ''...'' lines :_s.getmacro; if(_s.replacerx("(?m)^ ?mou ''.+[]")) _s.setmacro
Trigger @11 adds the menu to the menu bar. Paste @11 in the Trigger field above the list of macros.

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