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Source control integration
I'd love to see QM interfaced with git. I think I see a way to do it but there might be far more elegant solutions.

The new SQLite data file is easy to parse and contains text for individual macros and functions. If we used CsScript with something like libgit2 then we could commit individual macros and functions directly using the folder hierarchy in QM to create a 'file' hierarchy in git.

What I don't know yet - where information from flags/trigger/icon/&etc would go. There might be a simple way to add metadata to a file but I haven't looked at this yet.

Once this was done then we'd be able to use web tools to show differences in functions.

As a further enhancement we could put in triggers in git (perhaps integrated with something like CruiseControl.NET so that we could use a continuous integration server for automated testing.

But there might be a more simple mechanism. Currently I'm using Vault (but I have used git as well) with hooks to a QM generated *.exe for creating XML versions of the QML files. This permits me to use the diff engine in the source control system on the XML - which is pretty close to what you see on the screen in the QM editor. But - it would be much nicer to be able to have this be more granular and view the code on the level of a function or macro.

Greetings Gintaras,

I have a lot of successful QM scripts created over 5 years.
Would like to save them to the GitHub repository from time to time, especially when minor changes are made to each.

Kindly advise if version control would be in the QM tools soon?
Really hoping it would.

Best Regards,
Best Regards,
Will be in QM 3, not soon.
I'd also love to see this. In the meantime I published some code I'm working on:

Improvements are welcome. I'm starting to work on using PreparedStatements and Binds to clean up the code. It would be nice if it could integrate with the right-click menu in the project browser (Right Click -> "Export for Source Control", Right Click -> "Import from Local Source Control"). The menus are beyond my abilities in QM at the moment.

This is how I'm currently making QM files available for pushing, code reviews, pulling and import back into QM. Messy, but functional.

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