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bee command in exe not playing wav file
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bee "f:\ding.wav"

When running the above code in QM it works, in exe it does not play.
I looked in the help file but I did not see an .exe limitation.

I am using QM version beta in portable mode.

The .wav file is a default wav file in windows 7 which can be found here (on my machine I could find it there):

I copied the file to "f:\" which does not have any permission restrictions for me as the user, it should play the sound in exe format.
Maybe I overlooked something, my apologies in advance if that is the case.

It works if using the '+' like this 'bee+ c:\path\to\wav'
But the + means: Play synchronously (wait until sound stops).
The examples also show the bee command playing wav files without using the "+" option.
Probably exe process ends too soon.

bee "$windows$\media\ding.wav"
wait 2
Ok! Thank you!

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