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Tag window, qm item path and name, grid.
  • Complete keyboard control of tag window. Now tag window shortcut = ALT+F7. Could the following be added?
    - ALT+F7 = open tag window, press ALT+F7 again it closes it (after closing, put cursor back at position where the user left it in the editor window)
    - keyboard arrows, RIGHT: opens the contents of the selected tag, LEFT: checks the checkbox (Adds current macro/function/... the user is working on)
    - keyboard arrows, when user pressed RIGHT it opened contents in right pane, if user presses RIGHT again it actually goes to that pane
    - keyboard arrows, when user is in right pane pressing LEFT user goes back to LEFT pane
    - keyboard arrows, when user is in right pane UP/DOWN goes up and down, ENTER navigates to the selected folder/mac/function/class/...
    - CTRL+N: adds new tag , DEL: deletes current tag (with confirmation asking if user really want's to delete current tag).
  • ALT + click on function/mac/class/... copies it's name without actually going to it.
  • CTRL + click on function/mac/class/... copies it's full path without actually going to it.
  • Mabe for the future, if even possible: Direct grid manipulation on cell level, if user could use: grid_id.(ROW, CELL)="data".In stead of: put qmgrid into string/csv.... edit it and then put it back into qmgrid.
  • Mabe for the future, if even possible: A grid style kind of option to display cell data that has more characters than cell width like this:
    Actual cell data: C:\test\folder1\folder2\folder3\test.text
    Displayed in the cell: "C:\test\folder1\fo...\test.text"
    If user does any kind of interaction with that cell it would be done on the actual data: C:\test\folder1\folder2\folder3\test.text
Sorry small update:
* goto labels colored, in stead of the green color which is same as comment color.
* CTRL+SHIFT+W add move/resize numbers, add the window position and size. (It would paste the exact code as 'move and resize' EXAMPLE: mov+ 295 330 840 500 w
* Dragging function into qm editor window also includes the parantheses and variables inside. (EXAMPLE: If I have a function "test" which has 2 parameters: hDlg and ARRAY(str)'abc, dragging the function "test" in the qm editor window would insert: "test(hDlg abc)"

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