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Search for text in backup QM files
Is there any way to search for text in backup QM file (.qml). I understand that with the File Viewer you can search for QM-items, but not for text in QM-items.

Many thanks in advance.
Function dialog_find_text_in_qm_files
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str dd=
;1 "" 0x90CE0AC8 0x0 0 0 424 134 "Find text in QM files"
;3 Edit 0x54231044 0x200 0 0 216 20 ""
;10 Button 0x54012003 0x0 224 4 54 10 "Match case"
;11 Button 0x54012003 0x0 284 4 58 10 "Whole word"
;12 Button 0x54012003 0x0 348 4 50 10 "Regexp"
;6 Button 0x54032000 0x4 8 24 40 24 "Find"
;7 Button 0x4C032000 0x4 56 28 40 14 "Stop"
;4 Static 0x54000200 0x4 116 28 32 13 "In folder"
;5 ComboBox 0x54230242 0x4 152 28 208 213 ""
;13 Button 0x54012003 0x0 364 28 58 13 "+ subfolders"
;8 SysListView32 0x5403804D 0x204 8 52 240 77 ""
;9 SysListView32 0x5403800D 0x204 256 52 160 77 ""
;14 Button 0x54032000 0x0 400 4 16 13 "RX"
;DIALOG EDITOR: "" 0x2040202 "*" "" "" ""

int hDlg hFiles hItems
ARRAY(str) aFiles aItems
str currentFile

str controls = "3 10 11 12 5 13"
str e3 c10Mat c11Who c12Reg cb5 c13
if(!ShowDialog(dd &sub.DlgProc &controls _hwndqm)) ret

#sub DlgProc v
function# hdlg message wParam lParam

sel message
,case WM_INITDIALOG sub.Init hdlg
,case WM_COMMAND goto messages2
,case WM_NOTIFY goto messages3
sel wParam
,case 6 sub.Find ;;Find
,case 7 ;;Stop
,case 14 RegExpMenu id(3 hDlg) ;;RX
ret 1
NMHDR* nh=+lParam
int i
sel nh.code
,if(na.uNewState&LVIS_SELECTED and na.uOldState&LVIS_SELECTED=0) ;;listview item selected
,,sel nh.idFrom
,,,case 8 ;;files
,,,SendMessage hItems LVM_DELETEALLITEMS 0 0
,,,i=na.iItem; if(i<0 or i>=aFiles.len) ret
,,,hid hItems ;;10 times faster; we don't use ownerdraw
,,,sub.FindInFile(currentFile 1)
,,,hid- hItems
,,,case 9 ;;items
,,,sub.OpenItem na.lParam

#sub Init v
function hdlg

hDlg=hdlg; hFiles=id(8 hDlg); hItems=id(9 hDlg)

int h=id(5 hDlg)
rget _s "backup folder" "software\gindi\qm2\settings" 0 "$my qm$\backup"; CB_Add h _s
rget _s "file" "software\gindi\qm2\settings" 0 "$my qm$\main.qml"; CB_Add h _s.getpath(_s "")
CB_SelectItem h 0

sub.LvAddCol hFiles 0 "File" -54
sub.LvAddCol hFiles 1 "Date modified" -40
sub.LvAddCol hItems 0 "Item" -90
SendMessage hItems LVM_SETIMAGELIST LVSIL_SMALL __ImageListFromIcons("$qm$\empty.ico[]$qm$\macro.ico[]$qm$\function.ico[]$qm$\menu.ico[]$qm$\toolbar.ico[]$qm$\tsm.ico[]$qm$\folder.ico[]$qm$\member.ico[]$qm$\filelink.ico" 16)

DT_SetAutoSizeControls hDlg "8sv 9s"

#sub Find v

str sFolder
int i j

SendMessage hFiles LVM_DELETEALLITEMS 0 0
SendMessage hItems LVM_DELETEALLITEMS 0 0
aFiles=0; aItems=0
sFolder.getwintext(id(5 hDlg))
ARRAY(str) a
i=32; if(but(13 hDlg)) i|4
GetFilesInFolder a sFolder "*.qml" i 2
if(!a.len) ret
for i 0 a.len
,DateTime t=val(a[i] 1 _i)
,str sPath=a[i]+_i+1
,j=sub.FindInFile(sPath 0); if(!j) continue; else if(j<0) break
,sub.LvAdd hFiles i 0 -2 sPath.getfilename t.ToStr(4)

#sub FindInFile v
function# $sPath !all ;;returns: 1 found, 0 not found, -1 rx error

str sFind.getwintext(id(3 hDlg)); if(!sFind.len) ret 1
int flags=!but(10 hDlg)|(but(11 hDlg)*2)|(but(12 hDlg)*4) ;;1 insens, 2 word, 4 regexp
str sf
if(flags&4) findrx("" sFind 0 flags&3|128 sf); err out _error.description; ret -1
else sf=sFind
int found i
Sqlite x.Open(sPath 1)
SqliteStatement t g
t.Prepare(x "SELECT text,rowid FROM texts")
g.Prepare(x "SELECT name,flags FROM items WHERE rowid=?1")
,if(!t.FetchRow) break
,lpstr st=t.GetText(0)
,;find sf in st
,if(flags&4) i=findrx(st sf)
,else if(flags&2) i=findw(st sf 0 "" flags&1|64)
,else i=find(st sf 0 flags&1)
,if(i<0) continue
,if(!all) break
,;add to items listview
,str s; int rowid=t.GetInt(1)
,g.BindInt(1 rowid)
,sub.LvAdd hItems -1 rowid g.GetInt(1)&255 s
ret found
err+ out F"Cannot search in {sPath}. Error: {_error.description}"

#sub OpenItem v
function rowid
Sqlite x.Open(currentFile 1)
ARRAY(str) a
x.Exec(F"SELECT text FROM texts WHERE rowid={rowid}" a)
;QmHelp F"<code>{a[0 0]}</code>" 0 6
newitem "Find text in QM files" a[0 0] "Macro" "" "" 3|4|128

#sub LvAddCol
function hlv index $txt width

;Adds column to SysListView32 control that has LVS_REPORT style (1).
;Index of first colunm is 0. If index <0, adds to the end.
;If width <0, it is interpreted as -percentage.

if(width<0) RECT r; GetClientRect hlv &r; width=-width*r.right/100
if(index<0) index=0x7fffffff
SendMessage hlv LVM_INSERTCOLUMNW index &col

#sub LvAdd
function# hlv index lparam image ~s [~s1] [~s2] [~s3] [~s4] [~s5] [~s6] [~s7] [~s8] [~s9]

;Adds item to SysListView32 control that has LVS_REPORT style and 1 to 10 columns.

if(index<0) index=0x7FFFFFFF
index=SendMessage(hlv LVM_INSERTITEMW 0 &lvi)

if index>=0
,int i; str* p=&s
,for i 1 getopt(nargs)-4
,,SendMessage(hlv LVM_SETITEMTEXTW index &lvi)

ret index
Dear Gintaras,

It is a perfect masterpiece! Many thanks.
Dear Gintaras,

I would appreciate it if you could kindly supply some information and/or redirection to some other URL addreess (MSDN ?), regarding the values of the 4-th parameter (image) in LvAdd. I have already seen values equal to -2 and -1. I understand it has to do with the image potentially associated with a line. Many thanks in advance.
-1 is I_IMAGECALLBACK, means "I'll give the image later when/if the item is actually displayed".
-2 is I_IMAGENONE, means "no image". ... 60(v=vs.85).aspx
Dear Gintaras,

I wonder whether this excellent routine could be extended, so as to include searching for the existence of a particular qm-item in the .qml files to examined, and if positive to give its time modified. Furthermore, I would like to ask whether there exists a qmitem-like routine to search for a particular qm-item in a given .qml file.

I would much appreciate your advice. Best regards.
I attach my contribution on the above routine "dialog_find_text_in_qm_files" so as to search for qm-items in a qml file. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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