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dialog editor coordinates & size in editor and arrow = nudge
Is it possible in the next version to have the following 2 things added regarding the dialog editor:

- In the dialog editor the size and coordinates of the currently clicked object as editable inputfields.
(for example below the "Page [ ...] < >" 4 small inputfields 2 represent X and Y and 2 represent W and H)
- The arrow keys on keyboard nudges the currently selected object using the increments "Snap to grid" (in 'options' of the dialog editor, tab 'Dialog Editor')
Arrows will be.
Is it technically possible to do a live update of the dialog editor when the user changes something within the dialog string "str dd="?

I constantly renumber the object id's and change the object-coordinate placement numbers and object-sizes to get a unified clean look.
If the dialog editor could auto-update itself whenever the user changes something in the "str dd=" -string that could speed up object placement?
With "auto-update" I mean, as soon the dialog-editor get's it focus back (window get's active) it would apply the modifications.
(prevents saving then closing and reopening the dialog).

But this is how I approach the object placement, this feature is only useful if other user approach it the same way and if it is easy enough to implement.

Thank you anyway for the arrow-nudge!

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