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Firefox code for Chrome/IE
Wait in Firefox and Chrome
Dear Gintaras,

I have experienced that Macro2513 above runs too slow. I have tested the workaround which it follows. I would welcome any comments.
Many thanks in advance.

Macro Macro2513a
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int w=win("" "Chrome_WidgetWin_1")
Acc aPTL.Find(w "PAGETABLIST" "" "" 0x1084)
int i nTabs=aPTL.ChildCount-1
spe 10
act w
int w1=win(" - Google Chrome" "Chrome_WidgetWin_1")
rep nTabs
,Acc a.Find(w1 "TEXT" "Address and search bar" "class=Chrome_WidgetWin_1[]state=0x100000 0x20000040" 0x1005)
,str url=a.Value    
,outt F"{i}.{nTabs} {url}"
,key CT ;;next tab
Tested, Macro2513 is fast with QM 2.4.6, but can be slow with older QM.
Your macro works but is slower. Add flag 'reverse': 0x1085.
Many thanks for your advice. Actually, I am using QM, but with windows XP. Macro2513 is actually very slow. I attach herewith QM output which indicates time data of the loops performed :

14:26:58 : Macro2513 - name=''
14:27:10 : Macro2513 - name=''
14:27:21 : Macro2513 - name=''

This is the case of 2513a :
14:33:18 : Macro2513a - 1.3
14:33:18 : Macro2513a - 2.3
14:33:18 : Macro2513a - 3.3 chrome-extension://mefgmmbdailogpfhfblcnnjfmnpnmdfa/reader.html

It is almost spontaneous !

Unless, I make some mistake.
Probably QM still fails to enable Chrome accessible objects.
How to enable it: ... SIBLE.html (look in green chapter "Using in web pages").
Thanks again. I have tried to follow the instructions given, but I am afraid I cannot find the option you suggest, namely "Enable Chrome acc when it starts". I would appreciate it if you could kindly advise further.
It's a checkbox in Options -> General. Added in QM 2.4.6.
Thanks, much indebted! I have checked the option and tried Macro2513. It is amazingly fast! Sincere congratulations.
QM fixed Chrome acc auto-enabling for new Chrome versions, but broke for old versions. Will be fixed in QM, probably tomorrow. Thank you.

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