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Screen Casting Or Screen Recording Feature
HI Gintaras,

I have been using QM for about 3 continuous years now with success.
Off late, I have been using a lot of third party softwares for presentation purposes, which includes screen recording ones as well.
However, these are not installed on our company laptop yet.

Could I program up a feature for screen recording into say mp4 files.
This would have been a great add-on for preparing company video presentations, if added as a feature into QM.
I am in the process of making a presentation video to convince the company to invest in QM.

Any help is much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Not sure if your company will allow it, but take a look at the open source ShareX. It includes a very good screen recorder, complete with audio and mp4 files.
Matt B
Sorry Matt, just saw your post.
Been busy with year-end in this part of the world...
Thanks, I checked out the program and it's definitely a good one.
Yeah, company does not allow for it but still I managed using the computer of a colleague with higher rights!

Thanks Again.
Best Regards,

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