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qm Browser Chooser
My scenario:

In my company we started using Yammer, which is something like Facebook, but from Microsoft and for companies.
Currently there is no good desktop client available from Microsoft, only a tray icon notifier program which does notify and use to default browser.

My workers are not happy that they always have to use an extra browser tab for using Yammer.
So i searched for a way to intercept the notifier opening a link and found a nice tool called Browser Chooser 2

"Browser Chooser 2 is a small tool acting as the default browser allowing you to choose what browser or other tool to open any given link in."

The tool is quite nice, but in beta stage and there is only one guy developing it with VB.

The trick seems to be to register a program to a protocol and then to perform redirection.

I wonder if anyone of you qm users would like to have such solution too. Maybe we can make sort of community development.

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