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adjust for dpi settings
Is there a simple way to adjust a dialog's text and images in case the user has dpi different than 96?
To adjust text size, log off/on Windows. To adjust images, there isn't a simple way.
what about a way to have the dialog not use dpi settings and display at 96dpi?
These items are automatically resized or not:
1. Dialog font size - yes.
2. Size/position of dialog controls and dialog itself - yes.
3. Images - no.

Which of these items you want to resize (make bigger when DPI>69), and which should be always the same size?
im am once again revisiting this topic

i have i dialog that uses gdi+ to draw text and when the dpi text scaling is anything over 100% the text positions are all messed up

text scaling 100%

text scaled 125%

How to fix the text so it displays where i want it to when text scaling is 100%?
do any of the qm dpi functions help me solve this problem? or are their any other solutions?
any advice would be appreciated
when drawing a text string
Macro Macro3050
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POINT p.x=100; p.y=100 ;;example: text coordinates at 100% text size

POINT pScaled=p
DpiScale pScaled 1
out F"{pScaled.x} {pScaled.y}"
;then draw text at point pScaled

Or let Windows auto-scale windows of your program. For it need to edit .manifest file of your .exe file: remove the XML that makes the program DPI-aware. But it creates other problems: 1. The window may not look so good. 2. Cannot be used many QM functions that automate other windows. 3. Maybe more.
thanks for your reply  . i see i had a typo on my question

Should have been
How to fix the text so it displays where i want it to when text scaling is not 100%?
also i am using GDIP.RectF coordinates for the text in my dialog .
for example
GDIP.RectF r
r.X=20; r.Y=10
how should i convert these?
other RectF constructors PointF, Real, or some other way?
or redo all the coordinates in Point?
Function GdipScaleRectF
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function GDIP.RectF&r

int d=DpiGetDPI; if(d=96) ret
FLOAT* p=+&r; int i
for i 0 4

Macro Macro3051
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GDIP.RectF r
r.X=100; r.Y=100; r.Width=100; r.Height=100
GdipScaleRectF r
sub.outRectF r

#sub outRectF
function GDIP.RectF&r

str x(r.X) y(r.Y) w(r.Width) h(r.Height)
out F"{x} {y} {w} {h}"
Thanks Gintaras its working perfectly 

Have 1 more Question

Im trying to get the width of the client area and then minus the length of a text string from the width  to get the y coordinate as i have 4 lines of text that are drawn on the right side of the window. 

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RECT r; DpiGetWindowRect hDlg &r 4

but havent been able to sort out how to convert 
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r.X=k.left;; r.Width=k.right-k.left;

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