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Additional compile time functionality

I would like to request an additional compile time capability that would replace a marker ( $abc or %abc% for example ) with pre-defined text. An example being:

#def abc="help" ;; could be any def expression
out "%abc%" ;; would be replaced with: out "help" ;; before compiling.

Any space or memory used to hold the definitions can be released and should not increase the size of the exe that is produced.

As long as the text is replaced before compiling that would solve my problem. Unless there is a way to replace the value at compile or runtime that I have not
discovered. Smile I believe this is a useful ability that could extend the usefulness of QM by quite a bit and round out the compiler statement functionality. In effect
it gives QM a preprocessor capability, similar to CPP, etc. Please let me know if you questions, etc.

Suggestions, tips, tricks, examples, etc. gladly accepted. Maybe QM can already do this and I don't know it.

Thanks for your consideration!


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