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Small total commander tip
Not a full QM coded solution but a very small total commander tip.
I was wondering on how to access all internal total commander commands through QM.

With internal commands I mean the commands you can find by:
Configurations >> Misc. , then in keyboard remapping section (below) you can assign an internal command to Total Commander. Commands like:
- cm_SrcTree
- cm_RenameOnly
...etc... (ALL THE COMMANDS!)

If you want to use these Total Commander commands in QM then above in Total Commander you have the Start-menu. (the RIGHT red arrrow)
Add all the desired commands (cm_SrcTree , cm_.... etc...) to that menu.

Then in QM above in "Windows, controls" use "click menu" to target the menu item added in Total Commander!!!
As an added bonus it does NOT activate Total Commander so I think you could use for background-processing (in stead of Total Commander constantly being active in the windows foreground).

Even quicker, just float/hover your mouse-pointer above the desired menu-item in Total Commander then in QM look below in the statusbar for the 'menu id' value. Then replace below ### with that value.

Macro tcmd_internal_cmd
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int w1=win("Total Commander" "TTOTAL_CMD")
men ### w1

It opens op automating Total Commander through QM even more.

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