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QM-Editor support utilities
I have written and using for a long period of time a number of QM functions (utilities) which they facilitate me in using QM-Editor, inasmuch as they improve - to my opinion - its interface. I will upload here, progressively with time, some of these utilities that I believe they might be of some use to other QM-users. All these QM-Editor utilities are accommodated and run from appropriate toolbars.

Any comment, advice, inquiry are welcome and I will be pleased to respond.

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.zip (Size: 535 bytes / Downloads: 232)
.zip (Size: 8.11 KB / Downloads: 229)
.zip (Size: 46.69 KB / Downloads: 239)
.qml   Utilities.qml (Size: 117 KB / Downloads: 240)
.qml   QMEditor.qml (Size: 77 KB / Downloads: 261)
.zip   QM Editor Screen (Size: 214.66 KB / Downloads: 247)
You're very kind, Ssimop, for sharing that useful stuff.

Thanks. Best regards.
Hey Ssimop,

Thanks again for all the work. Only a few questions if you don't mind:

Is 'ideb' some kind of global variable? Is it started with 'init2'?
Do you mind to share the toolbars?

Bye for now. Cheers!
Dear AlexZ,

Thank you for your interest regarding my work. You are absolutely right about ideb. It is a global variable initiated in init2 for debugging purposes, if set. Of course I can share the toolbars. I did not do it till now, because I thought the users might have the flexibility to design the toolbars according to their own needs. Furthermore, in toolbars there exist a few qm-items very simple and of minor importance, which I did not consider important to upload. I will be pleased to respond to any other question you may have.

Best Personal Regards
Simos Simopoulos (ssimop)
Thank you for posting your useful utilities in QM.
I've found out there are some missing functions below when dry run your tools.

Missing Functions:

1/ CountQmFolder function needs:
- MF_Count
- MF_CountSubF

2/ Items_InFolder function needs:
- MF_List

3/ MyMenuFromQmFolder function needs:
- MF_Proc

4/ QM_ListItems function needs:
- QM_ListDialog

5/ ScheduledMacros function needs:
- GetScheduledTaskStatus

This function below stated that it required 2 to 4 params and not 15 like this as seen in QM_ListFG function
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j=ShowTextAndReturnLineIndex(shw sText 0 0 8|16 "" 8 0 0 50 0 xd 200 "" "ShowTextTB")
Could you update those missing ones?
Thanks in advance,

Dear Start_Learning,

Thank you for your comments regarding these utilities. Let me add that I am an amateur, not a specialist. I am sorry for these missing functions. I have already updated QMEditor.qml.

As far as your comment regarding ShowTextAndReturnLineIndex. I guess you mention 2-4 parameters referring to post ShowText - return line number

Actually, this was a first approach of this routine. I upgraded it progressively and it is included in Utilities.qml in its present form. I will be pleased to provide any further information if you need it.

Best personal regards.
Dear AlexZ,

I attach herewith a .qml file with the toolbars I use with my QM Editor. Let me mention that :

(a) My experience indicates that you must be flexible to adapt your toolbars, according to the application you process each time with QME.

(b) You will find several QM-Commands in these toolbars not included in QMEditor.qmp. They are of minor importance and/or very easily reproduce. I can upload them if requested.

© I did not include any icons with toolbars. If you need some of them I can upload them for you. You can get an idea of what they look like, by opening "QM Editor Screen Shots".

Please, do not hesitate to post any further inquiries.

Best personal regards.

Attached Files
.qml   QMEToolbars.qml (Size: 9 KB / Downloads: 184)
Thanks ssimop for the new update of QMEditor.qml file.
This is what I've found that were still missing from your tools:
Missing functions:
1/ ScheduledMacros function needs:
- GetScheduledTaskStatus

2/ ShowTextAndReturnLineIndex function needs
- iShowTextLoop
- Definition of type "TSTaRLI"

3/ OsdHide_SES function needs
- OSD_Enum_SES
Thanks again Start_Learning !

1/ GetScheduledTaskStatus can be found in post :
Scheduled Task Error Notification

2/ iShowTextLoop is a global variable to be declared in init2 as int+

3/ Definition of type "TSTaRLI" can be found in function Startup_Tasks_EndLog, in Utilities.qml

4/ OSD_Enum_SES is now included in Utilities.qml

Best Regards
Thanks a lot ssimop for all your efforts to make your tools works as expected.
It will take time for me to use them as they are right now and later on to digest what they really made of Big Grin

Best Regards and Happy Scripting,

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