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Password inputfield (Dialogs, other) => if passw not match
Dialogs, other >> Password input box
The dialog settings for the password inputfield has the setting:
"If password does not match"

If I test this, the indented code directly below the if statement is executed when the "Cancel" button is pressed.
I would expect that it would be executed when password does not match.

Macro m1
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if(!inpp("[*C9104FF08510827805*]" "This is the description..." "This is the TITLE!" 1)) ;;show password input box. If Cancel or incorrect password...

The 'out' get's executed when I press "cancel"
Portable QM, version (windows 7, 64bit English)

I might have overlooked something. If that is the case, my apologies.
inpp has only two return values - 1 if correct password; 0 if Cancel or incorrect password. It cannot be used when you need

sel password dialog
,case correct
,case incorrect
,case Cancel

Create a custom dialog, it is easy.
Ok, will do! Thank you!

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