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How do I save a file to the clipboard?
I would like to put a file, save to the clipboard, because behind, I have to use it many times, in the need to use the place, I can paste directly, very convenient, I wrote the following code, but suggested that mistakes, hope someone can help thank you very much

Macro Macro6
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str ss="$desktop$\A.doc"
paste ss
Put .doc file content in clipboard? QM can't do it.
Can not simulate the Ctrl + C implementation file into the clipboard?

If not, i can only use ctrl + c, then in the place where needed, Ctrl + v :oops:
Can do it with HTML files or text, but not with .doc.
"Can do it with HTML files or text, but not with .doc."
What about with *.jpg or *.png. Could you show an example of doing it with a format that it can work with. Could you show how it can have a file name also? Thanks
Windows has only 1 format for images - bitmap.
*.jpg and *.png can be converted to bitmap. If you need it. With GDI+ or FreeImage.

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