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How copy specific type of file into a folder?
Because i just learned programming ,when i wanted to achieve the following features, Have encountered difficulties, I wanted someone to help me, thanks! :oops:

The current situation :

1.C drive has a folder: fold1, in this folder, contains a lot of sub-folders, such as: subfold1 subfold2 subfold3 subfold4 subfold5 ... ...

2. In each subfolder, there are many formats of files, such as: a.doc b.txt c.mp4 d.mp3 ...

What I want to do :

1. On the desktop, create a new folder, the name is txtfold

2. Then: copy the txt type of files in all subfolders of the fold1 folder to the txtfold folder

3. Finally: on the desktop to generate a txt file, the file name is txtfile, fold1 folder all the txt type of file name, write to the txtfile file (including the file path, for example: c:\fold1\subfold1\b.txt)
I would use function GetFilesInFolder.
I use the following code, get the required txt file, but how to copy them to the txtfold folder? thank you very much!

Macro Macro2
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ARRAY(str) a
GetFilesInFolder a "c:\fold1" "*.txt" 4
out a
In the following code, the out output is:
And in the notepad to enter, is a space
Why is this the result? Hope someone can help me, thank you very much

Macro Macro2
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ARRAY(str) a.create(3)
out a
run "notepad"
key (a)
Use paste (s) to succeed Smile
do not open notepad directly write into the document? with which function? thank you very much Smile
Use the following code to write the file successfully
But copy the text file to the textfold folder code, I can not write, hope someone can help me, any suggestions are welcome, thank you very much :oops:

_s=(a); _s.setfile("$desktop$\textfile.txt")
Use the following code, successful, very grateful to QM Smile

Macro Macro6
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Dir d
foreach(d "c:\fold1\*.txt" FE_Dir 4)
,str path=d.FullPath
,cop path "$desktop$\textfold"

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