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Floating Translucent Modal Window

I need to display a string, an integer and the elapsed time on a 'floating translucent modal window' with maybe a scroll bar.
The modal window doesn't need to do anything - just display details on the fly, without interfering with the program.
Once the program is over, it can go out of scope by itself.
Kindly advise how do I go about this.

My current QM program works perfectly in picking data from an Excel file and pasting it onto our client CRM website.
So the procedure is repeated continuously for the number of records in the Excel.

My Requirement:
While the procedure runs, I need to be just aware of the record last finished(string) and the time taken to complete it.
Also, I need a countdown of how many records more to be completed (integer).

Note: I have already implemented the methods to find the elapsed time.

Best Regards,

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