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Hide mouse pointer
I have a function that depending on other stuff happening has to click a certain point in a window:

lef(753 491 this.hwnd 4)

This happens while the user does stuff, hence flag 4 to make the mouse pointer return and BlockInput to avoid unintended input. I'd also like to hide the mouse pointer while it does the clicking. So the flickering of the mouse becomes less distracting to the user.
Didn't find anything in the documentation or searching the forum.

So, is it possible to hide the mouse pointer while the macro/function clicks?
Macro HideCursor help
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;Temporarily hides the cursor (mouse pointer).
;Hides only system cursors: arrow, I-beam, wait, cross, up, window resizing cursors, no, hand, appstarting, help.
;Does not hide custom cursors.


#compile "__HideCursor"
HideCursor x.Hide
MES m.timeout=15
mes "Now system cursors should be hidden. Close this box to restore." "" m

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