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MQTT, maybe?
Lately I’ve been using open source Node-RED and a MQTT server to dabble in home automation, aka IoT. With the advent of low-cost wifi enabled microcontrollers, the combination of the platforms is second to none for DIY automation. As an example, a $5 chip and ten minutes of soldering gave me an electric blanket that turns itself on based on events on my Google calendar. Unbelievable.

What would be awesome is to skip Node-RED and use Quick Macros directly. I have not figured that out. For now I’m sending commands and parameters via command line interface to QM. It works, but it’s clunky and not bidirectional.

Gintaras, I think MQTT functions and triggers would be a good step forward for Quick Macros. Once again, thanks for all your effort over all these years!
You can try MQTT client libraries.

In QM can be used C and .NET libraries.
Thanks, Gintaras. I'll play around and see what I can create.

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