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File Name

I'm begginer in quick macro. I've a question, How can I be change in code the name file of dynamical form. For example, this is the code:

str buque
inp(buque "Give me the Vessel Name: " "¡¡¡ATTENTION!!!")

str puerto
inp(puerto "Give me the Port Name: " "¡¡¡ATTENTION!!!")

//I need the variable value instead of RACHA BHUM I need the variable: buque
//And also I need the variable value instead of PORT KLANG ANCH I need the variable: puerto

int w1=act(win("Arrival: RACHA BHUM, Port: PORT KLANG ANCH - Message (HTML) " "rctrl_renwnd32"))


Could you please tell me how can I solve this problem?

As comment, my version about Quick Macro is 2.1.4, and unfortunately I can't update, then please I'll be waiting your help.

Thanks a lot.
In newer QM:
int w1=act(win(F"Arrival: {buque}, Port: {puerto} - Message (HTML) " "rctrl_renwnd32"))

In old QM:
int w1=act(win(_s.format("Arrival: %s, Port: %s - Message (HTML) " buque puerto) "rctrl_renwnd32"))
My Dear Gintaras...

Thank you so much per your support!!!... Really your comment help me so much!!!.

Now I've 2 question, and excuse me for that....

1. As you can see, I need to put of manually form both fields, the question is: How can I take those values since a Sheet of Excel 2013?, for example, in File "Countries.xlsx" I've a sheet (Sheet2), and also in the cell A1 I've the value RACHA BHUM, and in the cell B1 I've the value PORT KLANG ANCH, How can I take this values and replace for the variables BUQUE and PUERTO that you mades me the favor to do agree to the last code. I don't know if I could explain?

2. Excuse me please, and I'm really embarrassed, but you'll have a manual so that I can study and learn all the instructions, conditions, etc. that are needed to develop a good macro ?. I have searched, however, I have not been lucky enough to find a good instruction manual, and the help file that comes within the quick macro does not fully explain things, so I wanted to see if you could tell me how I can do it? I repeat, unfortunately I can not install on this computer the most current version of QUICK MACRO, you know, the privileges that companies have to do the software installation, that they do not allow you. If you have a manual, I would really appreciate it if you could provide it to me. I repeat, if there is an opportunity.

Again thank you very much!
In 2.1.4 don't know. In current QM - use class ExcelSheet.

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