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Left click not working on windows server 2016 (fine on win7)

I was hoping you could help me with a problem I'm having. I have a script that scans for an image and then clicks left when that image is spotted. It has worked fine on windows 7. I am trying to run the same script on windows server 2016 and the clicking part of the script isn't working. I can confirm that the scan completes successfully (ie the image is found on the screen) but the mouse doesn't actually left click when it reports it has. Here is a code example:

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  if(scan("image" 0 0 1|16 55))
    out "CLICKED"

I see CLICKED output to the console repeatedly but the image is never actually clicked. Is this something to do with windows server 2016 vs win7? Everything else (the browser version, etc) is the same in the two cases.

lef does not work if your macro process (QM or exe) is running as standard user and the target window's process is running as administrator.
In QM Options dialog, Run as must be Administrator or uiAccess. Or run the macro in separate process as Administrator or uiAccess.

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