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Something Changed with Windows 10 ? (Uiaccess ?)
Hello !

I'm having weird issues with creating .exe with qm :

I used to have a Windows 7 VM created with Hyper-V, mainly used to write macros and creating .exe and it worked just like a charm. But i just updated this VM to Windows 10 Entreprise edition (mainly for multi-screen RDP support), and since i'm having weird issues like this one :

Macro test 7
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Dir d
foreach(d "Z:\*" FE_Dir)
,str path=d.FullPath
,out path

Z:\ is a network shared drive
In QM Options, it's running as "UIaccess", as suggested by QM itself.
The macro should list every files in Z:\. It works when I run it from QM, but when i create the .exe it does not work.

I'm sure i'm missing something when creating the exe with this new "UIaccess" stuff, but what ?

Thanks in advance !
Mapped network drive letters have this problem: if mapped by an admin program, it is mapped only for admin programs. And vice versa: if mapped by a non-admin program (eg Explorer), it is mapped only for non-admin programs. Possibly uiAccess programs have their own mapping scope.

If it is the problem, don't use drive letter. Use network path, like \\Computer\SharedFoler\*
Didn't thought of this, but yup, it works with the full path \\Computer\...

Thanks !
Hello again Smile

As i need to replace every network folder path in every single macro i have created in QM, is there a way to replace a text in all macro at once ?
I would replace Z: with an environment variable: foreach(d "%networkPath%\*" FE_Dir)
Somewhere before: SetEnvVar "networkPath" "\\Computer\SharedFolder". For example in function init2, it runs when QM starts.
Then in the future, if the path changes, need to edit only init2, and restart QM.
Ok good to know Smile

I just "net use X: /delete" all my network drives using a normal cmd and remapped them with the same cmd. Looks like the .exe works now. Weird. Anyway, if the issues come back, now i know how to fix it, thanks Wink

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