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how to unlock win2012 ?
Hi, when try to unlock win2012 or win10, fail.
same code, unlock on winxp, works fine.
how wrong?
i use sample code
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shutdown 6 ;;lock
wait 10
int unlocked=EnsureLoggedOn(1)
out "unlocked=%i" unlocked ;;should be 2
if(!unlocked and FileExists("$qm$\qmtul.log")) run "notepad.exe" "$qm$\qmtul.log"
I tested this code now on the latest Windows 10 version, and it works.

For unlocking I use default settings, need just password, and enabled logging.
I cannot test on Win2012. If does not work, probably need to change the unlocking keys.
test on my machine (w10), not unlock.
none write on qmtul.log

What can I check?
What keys you use to unlock? (in dialog "Unlock Computer - Options")
adding screeshot

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My settings are the same.

Unlocking is unavailable in exe and in portable QM.

I don't have more ideas.
i've try to reinstall quickmacros, but same results. no unlock. my win10 have uac disabled. lock screen is standard w10 with calendar app.

ps: during install, windows defender notify win32/azden.B!cl trojan on qm.exe
I cannot reproduce the Windows Defender problem too.

My QM version is Windows 10 Pro 1709, build 16299.19, 64-bit.

I scanned QM files downloaded from with Windows Defender and Avast, and they didn't find threats. Using latest antivirus program versions and virus definitions.
Redonwload and reinstall QM, after daily update windows Defender, confirm none find.

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