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Relocation of main files on network computer
I am trying to locate my files on a network computer. I have 4 computers at my desktop and I would like a toolbar I made to be available on all four computers so that any changes would affect all computers. I have used the Tools, Options, Files and changed my personal folder for QM data ($my qm$) to my J drive (J:\UT\QM\My QM) and have copied the files and backup directory from the default location, but when I save a change, it writes it to the default location instead.

Can a single location on my network have the master file for the QM data so that all of my computers can set their defaults to it?

I am new, but I checked the topics and did a search.

Thank you very much in advance.

By the way, this is without a doubt, the best program ever written, bar none.

Jim . . .
Let the toolbar be in a shared file. Create/edit/save the file on 1 computer ("main computer"). On other computers use the file as "shared file" with option "local read-only copy".

On main computer:
1. In QM create folder X (any name). Move there all macros/toolbars/etc that you want to share with other computers.
2. Export folder X to a new file: right-click X, Export, OK, select a location that is accessible from other computers, Save.

On other computers:
3. Import the exported file "as shared file": menu File -> Import, select the exported file, Open. In "QM File Viewer" window click "Add as shared file".
4. In QM right-click the folder of the imported file, select "Folder Properties", click "Shared file", check "Local read-only copy". Maybe it's checked by default, I don't remember.

Updating the shared macros in the future:
5. Whenever you'll create/delete/edit macros in folder X on main computer, export it again. I would use function SilentExport in a custom menu, and add the menu to the QM menubar using trigger "QM events -> Add to a menu -> menu bar".
6. On other computers QM will load the new version of the shared file when starting or [re]opening the main file there. If the shared file then is unavailable (eg network problems), will be loaded old version (a local copy of the file).
7. If you want to avoid step 5, let the folder X on main computer be "shared folder" too, without option "local read-only copy". But note that changes are not immediately saved to the file, even when you click the Save button on toolbar.

If you want to share ALL macros in main file, not just a folder X:
8. Skip steps 1, 2, 5. On other computers use your main file as shared file. But again, note that changes are not immediately saved to the file, even when you click the Save button on toolbar. Also, the main file should be on the main computer, not in a network folder which is on another computer.

See also: QM Help -> Network setup.
See also: QM Help -> QM macro-list files.

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