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Click menu not find
I have 6 windows with programs. I need to open pop-up menus in them, do it simultaneously in 6 programs. I changed the macro settings to run at the same time. but tools - the record - the menu command does not find my menu. and it can not click the mouse at the same time in 2 programs if the macro does not end in the first program, how do I do it simultaneously work with menus in two or more programs without a mouse.?
The problem steal worry me... can any body to help me. Qm can not see menu in program, but i need to click it
Try accessible objects. With some programs it works. Example with MS Word 2003:

Macro Macro2909
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int w=win("Document1 - Microsoft Word" "OpusApp")
Acc a.Find(w "MENUITEM" "Paste" "class=OpusApp" 0x1005)

To create the first 2 lines of code, use dialog "Find accessible object". If you can find the MENUITEM, also look in Properties, it should have a default action, else probably will not work. If there are no MENUITEMs, this cannot be used with that window. I don't know other ways of executing menu items of inactive windows that don't support the 'men' function.

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