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Changing case of a string
Hi Gintaras,

Nice easy one (even though I cant see a straight answer anywhere, If i have a simple string, how do i change it from "quick macros" to "QUICK MACROS"?

i.e changing everything to uppercase whether they were originally or not.
Macro Macro2
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str sa="abc"
int i
for i 0 sa.len ;; Iterate through each letter, first 'a' then 'b' then 'c', but now we iterate trough each corresponding character code (QM HELP > chapter 'character codes')
,sa[i]=toupper(sa[i]) ;; Current letter in character code format transformed to UPPERCASE.
out sa ;; each letter from string 'sa' has been transformed to uppercase,  output should be: 'ABC'
;; you can change 'toupper' to 'tolower' to convert to lowercase

;; ------ INVERT CASE
;; If you understand above code then you should be able to figure out below code
str sb="xYz"
for i 0 sb.len
out sb ;; should output 'XyZ'

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