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Key combination with Key(#X)?
Is there a simple/easy way to do a key combination with the 'Key(#X) method?
Sometimes i need to use 'F2Y a few thousand times and waiting 10 times as long is a real drag.

When using this, I get about 10 reps per second
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rep(100) 'F2Y

but something like this gives 100+ reps per second.
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This will key F2 once, then key Y 100 times.
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I have tried a few other things with no real simple solution.
Creating a string, concatenating it with the number of reps, then executing, works but is less elegant than i would like.
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Thanks for the input.
This is the fastest, faster than key a(#100), but can be unreliable (too fast):

spe; opt keysync 1
rep(100) key a

Slower and more reliable:

rep(100) key a

If still too fast, use this:

spe 1 ;;if too fast, try 2...
rep(100) key a

Then restore the speed if need:
spe 100
Worked like a charm!
i totally forgot about speed changes.
Thank you!

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