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How To Search Multiple Words On Website
Hi, I'd like to know if this is possible to search mutiple words on a website using one or few lines of script instead of searching word by word

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,Acc a.Find(win() "TEXT" "California" "" 0x1000);err wait 0.10;goto Kansas
,goto No
,Acc a1.Find(win() "TEXT" "Kansas" "" 0x1000);err wait 0.10;goto Los Angeles
,goto No
,;Los Angeles
,Acc a2.Find(win() "TEXT" "Los Angeles" "" 0x1000);err wait 0.10;goto New York
,goto No
,;New York
,Acc a3.Find(win() "TEXT" "New York" "" 0x1000);err wait 0.10;goto Continue
,goto No

What I want to do is to make the script search through many words and if it find any of them through the whole list it would goto No, how to simplify this? thank you in advance.
use regular expression in name
thank you Smile

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