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Changing Title for a OpenSaveDialog
Hi Gintaras, I am looking for a way to customize Title for a OpenSaveDialog.
I see where you have:
Function OpenSaveDialog
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;save - dialog type: 0 - "Open", 1 - "Save As".
;s - str variable that receives full path.
;;;If not empty on input:
;;;;;Sets initial content of the file name field.
;;;;;If full path, also sets initial directory.
;;;;;;;QM 2.3.3. Supports $special folders$.
;filter - file types displayed in dialog. Consists of description/pattern string pairs. See examples.
;defExt - default extension. The dialog uses it when the user types a filename without extension and does not select a file type from filter.
;initDir - str variable that sets initial directory and receives selected file's directory.
;;;The function may change the current directory, but if initDir is used, restores it when the dialog is closed.
;title - dialog box title.
;noDereferenceLinks - get path of shortcut file, not its target.
;multi - if used, Open dialog allows to select multiple files, and multi is populated with full paths. s can be 0.
;hwndOwner (QM 2.3.0) - handle of owner window. It will be disabled.
;;;If omitted or 0, will use the active window, if it belongs to current thread. To create unowned dialog, use GetDesktopWindow for hwndOwner.

But i can't find where to change it, if it is able to be modified.
I tried this in my macro:
Macro Macro2
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str s
str sTitle="Pick a Text file"
if OpenSaveDialog(0 s "Text Files[]*.txt" sTitle)
,out s

Thanks in advance for any help.
For unused optional parameters use 0.

OpenSaveDialog(0 s "Text Files[]*.txt" 0 0 sTitle)
Ah, I see.
Would be same if setting initDir?
I found it.

Macro Macro20
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OpenSaveDialog(0 s2 "Icon Files[]*.ico" 0 sDir2 sTitle)

Thanks again for all your help Gintaras. Truly are a life saver.

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