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Find, click in search result on folder => highlight
Small request.
If you click on a folder item in the search results, the focus is put on the folder in QM items list.
The problem is that it is highlighted in very light grey, I almost can not see it on my monitor.
BUT on other monitors it shows better.
My request: could you make it bit darker or have it customizable in Options > Editor > Styles?

It is not very important. Only consider this if you can implement it easily or if you feel it might be really useful for everyone.
One workaround is to change system colors. The color of selected item background in non-focused controls is the same as of buttons and dialog background.

On Windows 10 they removed this from Control Panel, but it is still possible.

This macro shows current color and changes to a darker color.

Macro Macro2952
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int colorName=COLOR_BTNFACE

int oldColor=GetSysColor(colorName)
out F"old color: 0x{oldColor}" ;;0xF0F0F0 on my Windows 10

int newColor=0xD0D0D0 ;;darker than 0xF0F0F0
if(!SetSysColors(1 &colorName &newColor)) end "failed" 16
That worked!
Thank you!

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