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How to select listbox item?
Hello, I am trying to write a macro that will post classified ads here-  I need a macro that will post the same ad in every state/city combination listed.  The choices are presented in list boxes, and I'm sure that there is some way to nest for loops that will select each state and then each city for that state by item index.  I cannot figure out how to select an item in a list box.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!
from 'Windows and Controls', use the 'Accessible object actions'. You should be able to 'drag' to the listbox to get the object information and go from there. Either by setting the value or just selecting and using other mouse or keyboard commands. 
Alternatively, you might have more luck using the website's API if you want to post rapidly to a list of cities and states. (though that sounds kind of shady Big Grin )

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