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QM Error Dialog
A client keeps getting this error when starting QM.

Quick Macros
Cannot create trigger tables. There is not enough shared memory.

item=Macro Name Here

I looked at the macro it mentions but aside from there being a !ca window trigger, I can't see any issues with it. Do you have any ideas why this is happening?

The server it's running on has over 8 gig of RAM available.
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The Macro Hook
For trigger data QM uses shared memory of size 0.5 MB.
If there are many triggers or some trigger strings are very long, this memory is filled and QM cannot resize it.
This memory is used for these trigger types: key, mouse, window, accessible object.

This limit came from many years ago. I'll make it bigger in new QM version.
How it can be fixed now:
Find triggers with very long strings and make them shorter. Use wildcard or regular expression.
To find long triggers: in the Find dialog select Other->Trigger, check Regexp, enter this regular expression:
It finds triggers of 100 and more characters length.
Or better use this regexp, it finds only window and acc triggers:

Full error string should be "Cannot create trigger tables. There is not enough shared memory for key/mouse/window/acc triggers. Delete unused triggers."
If it is "Cannot create trigger tables. There is not enough shared memory.", probably it is very old QM version. Upgrading may help.

Shared memory size 3 MB, 6 times more.

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