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Http - send custom headers
From email:

Quote:We need to copy the Http class to make some changes due to a lack of header support in GET methods; however it appears the Http.Connect method is encrypted.

For it need to modify Http.Get.
Member function Http.Get3
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function# $remotefile str&data [flags] [inetflags] [str&responseheaders] [$headers] ;;flags: 1-3 cache flags, 16 download to file, 32 run in other thread

;Downloads web page or other file.
;Returns: 1 success, 0 failed.

;remotefile - file to download, relative to server. Examples: "index.htm", "images/earth.jpg".
;data - variable that receives file data. If flag 16 - variable that contains local file name.
;flags, inetflags, responseheaders - see <help>IntGetFile</help>. Does not support flags: 4, 8. For https use INTERNET_FLAG_SECURE in inetflags.
;headers - additional headers to send.

;At first call Connect to connect to web server.

#opt nowarnings 1 ;;private System function

if(flags&0x10000) goto g1 ;;thread

if(!Cache(flags inetflags)) ret

if(flags&0x10000=0) if(m_dlg or flags&32) ret Thread(1 &remotefile "Downloading" remotefile)
__HInternet hi=HttpOpenRequest(m_hi "GET" remotefile 0 0 0 inetflags 0); if(!hi) ret Error
if(!HttpSendRequest(hi headers -1 0 0)) ret Error
if(&responseheaders and !GetResponseHeaders(hi responseheaders)) ret Error
ret Read(hi data flags&16)

;note: HttpOpenRequestW does not support Unicode too.

Http.Connect is encrypted because contains code to decrypt the password parameter. Its version without encrypted password support:
Member function Http.Connect2
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function# $server [$username] [$password] [port] [flags] ;;port: http 0, https 443.

;Connects to a http or https server.
;Must be called before you can call other functions of Http class.
;Returns connection handle, which can be used to call WinInet functions directly. Returns 0 if failed.
;Actually this function does not make connection until you call other Http functions. For example, it does not fail if the server does not exist.

;server - server name like "", or IP.
;username, password - in most cases should be omitted or "". Does not support encrypted password.
;port - port number. If omitted or 0, uses 80. For https use port 443, and in other functions use INTERNET_FLAG_SECURE in inetflags.
;flags - currently not used and must be 0.

#opt nowarnings 1 ;;private System function

if(!m_hitop and !Init) ret
_i=find(server "://"); if(_i>=0) server=_s.get(server _i+3)
m_hi=InternetConnectW(m_hitop @server iif(port port INTERNET_DEFAULT_HTTP_PORT) @iif(username username "") @password INTERNET_SERVICE_HTTP 0 0)
ret m_hi

;note: when adding new flags, don't use flag 1, because used previously.

Alternatively use WinHttp. It is a Windows COM library. It is simple to use and does not have QM wrapper functions. Examples - search the forum.
Thank you, Sir! Exactly what I was looking for.

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