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Identicle Windows

I've a number of macros that work very succesfully, I've done all the efficiences I can and have them running as fast as the aplications they use will allow. What I'd like to do next is to run the macros a number of times simultaneously (which I know how to do if the macros are using different programs)

Does anyone know of a way to run a macro simultaneously across the same application thats been opened twice? e.g

Open 2 notepads, and type the alphabet a-z in one, whilst at the same time typing z-a in the other one? I need them to run at the same time and not seperately on a loop

I should add that my macros run in a clinical system (not notepad) and all of the windows/handles etc are identicle. I need to have 2 of the same app open and be able to find a way to distinguish between them....
Macro Macro2947
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ARRAY(int) a; int i
win "Notepad" "" "" 0 "" a
for i 0 a.len
,int w=a[i]
,act w
,key "test"
Thanks very much. i'll give this a try

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