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How to update the exe file
I used QM to generate an exe file and sent it to my friend. After a few days, the exe file must be updated because of the bug.

I want to implement the following features:

1. After the exe file starts, it will automatically check certain fields in a web page on the Internet. If there is a change, it just prompts that a new file needs to be updated. Is it updated?

2. Then, download the file, download, and display the download progress bar

3. After the download is successful, verify the integrity of the file. If it is complete, delete the old file and run the new file.

What is the simplest and most effective way to check for updates? I hope someone can provide some sample code, any suggestions and comments are welcome, thanks in advance Smile
sorry i missed this post . For check for update function ideas see 

this is an example based on how Gintaras checks for updates for QM.

You would have to adapt that function to work in your case
as his version checks a script on qm server and gives a response in xml only if the current version on the server is greater.

An easy way to adapt that is to upload a text file to say like google drive or onedrive ect ect create a share link once you do then adapt the function in that post to download  that file instead. It would require you to format things a certain way in your version numbering.  

for exe is a little more complicated to update them
read more here

there are some more topics somewhere in the forum .these are just two i found quickly.
Thank you very much for reminding  Heart

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