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Window Clearing

I have the below code at the start of the macro but i need to change it and dont know how.

This macro works through a list, but if it tries to go into the first case and another user is in it brings up a dialog. I need it to skip to the next one (which i can do) but with the below code, it always thinks the window is open (maybe because the window has been opened previously)

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int w=act(win("3.24 - NDUC (OWL)" "*.Window.*"))

int loopGrey loopGrey1 loopGrey2
int greenPixAlt = 10025880

act w
int w4=win("Adastra" "*.Window.*")
Acc a12.Find(w4 "STATICTEXT" "Record is locked by access on another machine." "class=*.STATIC.*[]wfName=lMessage" 0x1005);err
int a12nf = a12.NotFound
if a12nf = 0
,goto Start

If the box comes up to say another user is in it, i need it to go back to Start and try again - but recognise that this time the window is not open/exists and then carry on to the next stage. its like it knows that window has been open but needs to clear the variable.

I've tried setting 12nf to 1 at the start but the a12nf=a12.Notfound resets it if they window has been opened

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