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macro to type string path
I need to entry this text on a box "D:\vsai\castelec.exe" but I am getting this result: "d.|vsai|castelec.exe"
I am using the send keys option.

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key "D:\vsai\castelec.exe"

It seems to be that this tool does not recognice shifted characters. What can I do?
Thanks in advance.
not sure the correct solution here

try this

str text="D:\vsai\castelec.exe"
opt slowkeys 1; spe 100
key (_s.from(text))
opt slowkeys 0

things to check
make sure qm is running in unicode mode(tools/options)
what is your os?
Thank you for reply,
Yes, qm is running in unicode mode.
I am running the macro from windows 10 but the macro performs the typing into a server throug remote desktop protocol with windows server 2008.
Still giving this result: "d.|vsai|castelec.exe"
I am triying to execute this program with W + r and giving the fullname. Is there another way to launch this .exe throug remote desktop connection?
can you paste the text? 

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str text="D:\vsai\castelec.exe"
paste text

or maybe
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int w1=win("Run" "#32770")
str txt.setwintext(child("" "Edit" w1 0x0 "accName=Open:")) ;;editable text 'Open:'
_s=F"{text}"; _s.setwintext(c)
It does not paste but types "v" character instead,
And with the other line code I got the error "unknown identifier." related to the ( c )
see if qm can identify the window

qm toolbar,
windows controls
find windows or control

or try accessible objects

or maybe try this
try to paste slowly:

Macro Macro2
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spe 300
str s="D:\vsai\castelec.exe"
key+ C
key v
key- C

If it does not work, probably this remote desktop software does not see software-generated Shift and Ctrl keys. Try some other. For example the Windows "Remote Desktop Connection" does not have this problem.

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