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OCR almost works but not quite
I am using QM for OCR using

typelib MODI {A5EDEDF4-2BBC-45F3-822B-E60C278A1A79} 12.0

as highlighted in this thread OCR

However, it will not work with single digits and often gives an error on reading numbers.

However when I use screenscraper studio (an old piece of software mentioned in this thread Screen Scrape it manages to recognise the numbers without errors and yet it is supposed to be using the same Microsoft Office OCR on my pc?? Surely both methods should return the same results but they don't.

Note I have Office 2010 and Office XP installed on my Windows 8.1 machine.  Maybe there are multiple OCR s on my machine (One Note, Scanner??)  Not an area I have expertise in or understand

I would prefer not to use screenscraper studio as it is old and unsupported.

Can anybody tell me how to get this method OCR working as well as this one Screen Scrape.  I just want a simple OCR code which does not give so many errors.

Thank you in advance.
Otherwise if anybody knows of a good reliable method of OCR which can be incorporated into QM code please let know thank you

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