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Tilt/rotate axis mouse movement (exe).
Is it possible to tilt the mouse movement axis and have this working in .exe format?

I have the following situation, a laptop when booted through a resque CD/USB turns the the screen orientation AND mouse orientation 90 degrees to the left. I don't have a problem with the screen orientation but what I want is to tilt the mouse movement to the right (back to it's original movement).

This is why it is important to have this working as an .exe because it's an windows PE environment (AOMEI) and I can add .exe programs as extra tools in the PE builder.

As an extra I want to switch the mouse rotation with 90 degrees increments clockwise every time a key is pressed (if even possible).
Try to find something in stackoverflow etc.
I had a feeling this one wouldn't be easy to implement.
I'll leave this for now, but this might be something for readers to try out:
Thank you!

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