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Portable version... makes registry changes when run?
hello, I work in a corporate environment with very strict  security features on our desktops.  i cannot install applications, BUT i am able to run some portable programs when they dont make changes to registry...  (i find some portables make additions to registry, some do not) 

does QM need to write anything to registry when executing, building Macros, running exe or toolbars, menus, etc from a portable installation?

thanks for any help
Yes, but deletes/restores when exiting.
thanks, anyway to avoid this? i would love to use QM features, like toolbars and menus at work to make my life easier but if it detects a chnage to registry, it stops and flags the installation... is QM unusable under these circumstances?
Cannot avoid this. I would have to make many changes in QM, but now I can't.
i understand, thanks for the reply messages.

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