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Speak text
Speaks text. Works on Windows XP. For other OS, you need to install SAPI 5 speech engine (see comments in code), although I did not tested it on other OS. Tested with QM 2.1.5 and later, and possibly will also work with QM 2.1.0 and later.

Download and import the attachment. To speak text, use code like this:

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Speak "text"

Note: You don't need this if you have QM 2.1.8 or later.

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.qml   Speak.qml (Size: 2.5 KB / Downloads: 650)
is there a way to Speak text and a string at the same time ?
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str line1="text in string"

Speak "HI THERE" line1

something like this, speak the text then the string
str line1="text in string"

str s.from("Hi THERE" " " line1)
Speak s

interesting note: HI speaks as H I, but Hi speaks as one word.

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