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Print macro
How can I print a macro?
Use some other program, for example WordPad. To copy rich text, use Ctrl+Shift+C.
Function (or macro) PrintMacro:
Copy      Help
;Prints current macro using WordPad

spe 20

int iid=qmitem("" 0 q 1|64) ;;get current macro properties

act id(2203 _hwndqm)
key Ca CSc CH ;;copy rich text

run "wordpad" "" "" "" 0x2800 "WordPad"

key Y Cv CH ;;paste

outp "Macro: %s"
outp "[]Trigger: %s  (%s)" q.triggerdescr _s.getmacro(iid 2)
outp "[]Code:"
key H; rep(3) key CS{RR}Cb HU ;;bold

key Cp ;;print
Can you update to QM
No, but QM itself will have Print command.
Nice and useful routine. Neverthless, I get a runtime error (child window not found) on "act id(2203 _hwndqm)". I use Please advise.
This macro does not work with QM >=2.3.0.

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