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Spell Check
Arrow Some free spell checkers for edit-boxes. To spell check your post with ease!: Big Grin

(F) AspellFox:
(F) SpellBound:
(F,I) Google's SpellCheck: _=!O #^
(O) Aspell: .=!O ^
(I) ieSpell: ._=~!O ^

System Key: F-Firefox, I-IE, O-Opera, J-Java, UL-Unix/Linux, +-Multi-use, *-All browsers
Features Key:
! Learn / Add to dictionary
= Change / Replace
~ Change All / Replace All
. Ignore
_ Ignore All
O Edit / Replace With (edit box)
# Highlights all quirks at once
^ Works well with phpbb syntax

Aspell is said to be the best, but no IE port for it? I did try it in Opera: It won't auto-scroll to the highlighted error, nor allow manual scroll of the browser edit box while the spell runs! Using Opera 8.54 & Aspell 0.50.3 (last precompiled version vs. latest 0.60.4 sources)

IeSpell and Google's SpellCheck in IE work great though. Aspell + ieSpell would make a great combo :wink:

Here's a 27-Language online check, with source, that uses both Google's API & Aspell:
(*) Orangoo: .=O#^
And here's an online HTML WYSIWYG editor, with source & spell check, like Yahoo's email editor but better. (A gem I wish I'd found earlier)
(I) webhtmleditor: Demo Link, Project Link ._=~!O +Undo

Anyone here want to make a spell checker, QM style? You can use Google's API or Aspell.
Check these out: The projects of amix - GoogieSpell, A Spell Check IE Menu Extension - The Code Project, ASP 101 - Using the Google APIs to Spell Check, Utilizing Google’s Spell Check APIs on the Client and Server

Advanced or server/client spell checkers with source:
(J) Jazzy: (e.g. webhtmleditor uses it)
(UL) Web Based Open Source Spell Checker:
(+) GNU Aspell:
(UL,+) Ispell:
(+) IT Lab Spellcheck:

Now try something neat!:
(F,I) Emil’s Chronicle » DHTML Spell Checker
(Nice! Demo1 Demo2 Corrects as you type, with wiggly lines!)

Some use Word's spell check:
(I) tpcIQ's WBSC: ($300! but they claim similar freeware is much more inefficient)
(I,+) spell.vbs: (Checks selected text. With source.)

Well thats all folks! (Actually, it's not; there's too much out there. Would need a lifetime to review! Confusedhock: Heres a sample:

Now on the lighter side... Google these: "Eye halve" and "slpeling was ipmorantt!" (as is + quotes) :lol: :lol:

Song time! Sing along. To the beat. Entune on : )

To spellcheck we will go. Give mistakes a blow. Right the wrongs. Straighten up the show

Looking-smarter than we are. With spellcheck we go far. How'd they do so much, when horses were the cars?

How'd they type so much. How'd they know their stuff. Yet mere simple words, now we eye as tough?

Well until you can learn. Let the spell checks burn. Thru all that you flaunt. Of words to be yearned.

Not fluent or just new? Use the tools to get through. Mouse and keys give you rule. To your own great school!

Rejoice as they work. Lessons as they assert. Facts, draw to the mind. Align, alert!

Transform from within. Passion power to the brim. Learning all that you can. With speed spiff spin.

Transform all you learn. To-wonder for-which you-yearn. To-wisdom that-peaks to-free. Endlessly...


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