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Firefox: Resizeable_Textarea
A lot of forums and boards provide very small textareas for new postings.
If you type a longer posting, you have to scroll up and down, to read, what you have writen and to proceed.
This situation is annoying.
Now here is the solution:

Resizeable Textarea extension.

is it possible to inject javascript into a page via qm ?

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In IE probably is possible, but I didn't tested. Also possible this:

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Htm el=htm("TEXTAREA" "message" "" "" 0 0 0x221)
st.setAttribute("width" 700 1)
st.setAttribute("height" 700 1)

I could easily edit html to show bigger textarea, but not sure it would be better.
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web "javascript:function ResizeTextArea(){*=2;}ResizeTextArea();"

This works only in IE, but for FF you can create bookmark where location is

javascript:function ResizeTextArea(){*=2;}ResizeTextArea();

However, cols does not work.

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