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IPTC Extension (Edit JPEG file info in Windows Explorer)
"IPTCExt is a free shell extension for Windows that adds shell support for viewing and editing IPTC info in JPEG image files.

IPTC editing is completely lossless (i.e. no decompression of image data), and edited IPTC info is compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

IPTC is a standard of The International Press Telecommunications Council, and was designed to identify transmitted text and images.

This standard includes entries for captions, keywords, categories, credits, and origins. IPTC is supported by programs such as Adobe Photoshop, PhotoThumb, and most professional image database software.

You can view IPTC fields in the details view by customizing the columns to choose which fields you want to see. IPTCExt also adds pages to the property sheet for jpeg files that allows you to edit IPTC data for one or multiple files.

If you edit multiple files, a separate progress/cancel dialog is displayed, so that you can cancel the operation at any time.

Although IPTCExt has been tested with image files from many different sources, it is recommended that you first back up your important files before adding IPTC information."

[Image: iptcext_properties.gif]

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