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NetDrive - Map FTP to a drive letter

NetDrive allows you to map a drive on your workstation to a FTP server.

once you have installed it you can use qm shell extensionfunctions (macros) on a mapped drive.

simple example for an entry -> make bbcode (only on jpg)
ftp account is mapped to drive m.

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^Shell_menu "bbcode pic(text in context menu)" 0x3C "jpg (applies only to .jpg)" "path\to\.ico (path to context picture)" "copy path as bbcode (text you will see in the explorer statusbar)" "m:\"

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function $files
str f
foreach f files
,f.findreplace("m:\" "" 1)
,f.findreplace("\" "/")
,f.format("[img]%s[/img]" f)
Man, this software is great! Who needs ftp when you have this. I don't even keep local copies of my website anymore. I there's a built in version in windows, but it's not as seemless or configurable as this. Thanks for the link _pi.
Matt B
The link is broken.

I already have learned that instead of giving direct link often is better to give link to home page, or Google search results, etc.


Does not work on Vista.
here is a free alternative for vista:

FTP Drive

FTP Drive - program, that allow working with FTP for those programs,
that don't know what is FTP.
Emulates logical drive, where selected FTP servers are mounted as folders
Usefull fot example for viewing films, listening files directly from FTP server without pre-downloading whole file.

fixed the netdrive link above.
Shows files but I cannot work with it. Explorer hungs, dreamweaver too...
This is a commercial software:

SftpDrive: Access SFTP as a Windows Drive Letter

FTP Client through a virtual drive – WebDrive FTP Client

Webdrive is the 'big brother' of Netdrive. I think they bought a licence some time
ago from Novell.
How Do i Create a Download mirror from An ftp address? I own a Team fortress 2 server and several websites which mostly link to the same ftp i want to create a download mirror For my files on my so that people may download them from one of the websites but i have no idea where to start help please?
external keyword tool ~ ~ ~ ~

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