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free macro #5 - Windows functions

Postby FlameInYourSide on Wed Aug 13, 2003 10:30 am

Some programs just won't open with the right window size. If you set trigger to be the Activation of that window, then the window can be resized automatically upon opening. Such as:

siz 510 285 "Notepad"

"Arrange Icons by Name" with trigger Alt+left double click:

key SF10
key in

Simple log off windows with trigger Window+L:

ShutDown 0

Run As option. When I use this function, it's always for administrator rights. When the Run As dialog pop's up, it alays shows the Admin name with no password. Trigger is Created Run As Other User popup window:
!Run As Other User^

key Ap
"the password"
key Y

________ Note ______________________________

In QM 2.1.4, window trigger string format is changed.
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